Our Rules

Fishing Rules at Oak Tree

General rules

  • Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult
  • Dogs are allowed providing they are on a lead at all times
  • Keep nets are not allowed for pleasure fishing
  • All nets and mats must be dipped on site before use
  • No fish to be handled in rags
  • All loose feed pellets must be purchased on site
  • All litter must be taken away not left on site
  • All excess bait is to be taken away, do not throw in lakes
  • Fishing is not permitted inside or behind any reed beds
  • Barbless hooks only max size 12. No braided line

Banned baits

  • No meat of any type
  • No boilies
  • No bread
  • No Floating baits
  • No hemp
  • No bloodworm or joker

Float & pole fishing

  • Maximum pole length 14.5 metres
  • No floating poles
  • No floating baits
  • Tapping or splashing Maximum 12” (300mm) hook length when float fishing

Ledgering & feeder fishing

  • All feeder & ledger rigs must be free running & have a minimum 4 inch Hook length
  • Fixed-method feeder bolt rigs are not allowed

Match fishing

  • Anglers should bring their own keep nets, a minimum of 3
  • The net limits are 55lbs
  • One for small fish up to one pound in weight and 2 for large fish
  • To reduce the risk of spreading KHV. All nets must be dipped on site. Keep nets must be allowed to dry and not placed into the water Until 10 minutes prior to the match commencing


  • Additional spacing between anglers may be possible depending on the number of anglers fishing. If the next peg is vacant then an angler can fish the water upto The next platform but not beyond it
  • Fishery representatives will carry out or supervise all match weigh in
  • Random bait and tackle inspections will be carried out. Anyone found breaking any of the fishery rules will be asked to leave. Ignorance is no defence. READ THE RULES.